Are you getting the representation you deserve for your injuries? I hear this question more frequently than you might imagine. In the past 20+ years I’ve learned that no two personal injury cases or personal injury attorneys are the same. The manner in which I work on your case may be very different than how another equally successful attorney works on your case. We may both have a similar result. There are times your case may not get the level of attention it deserves and that’s when may want a case evaluation.

In my interactions, communication is the biggest issue I’ve heard from clients. A seriously injured person has a lot riding on their case and they deserve to know they and their case are getting the care and attention they deserve. After reviewing many cases I’ve found that more often than not they are. Sometimes the law office is busy on a case and communication takes time that is in short supply. Sometimes however their case is being ignored and that’s when bad things can happen.

I’ve reviewed cases where the client has not had a status update in more than 90 days. When we dig deeper, we discover that almost nothing has been done since the case was taken in. In the legal world discovery is critical. Every day removed from the date of injury without adequate investigation the case and facts become colder. Details may be forgotten, video evidence may be erased because it didn’t seem important and medical care may not be proceeding as someone would expect. These all have the potential to limit recovery.

In our office we have consistent staff meetings and talk about active cases. If you are a client in our office, expect us to speak about you frequently. We want you and your case to be top of mind. We communicate with you often depending on the timeline you and I have agreed on and we are available when you need us! How Can We Help You?

The foundation of my law firm is integrity, honesty and compassion. I have over 20 years of experience helping Tucson families who are injured because of the careless and reckless acts of others. I help with serious injuries that require serious representation. I am a vigorous advocate for my clients, protect their rights and give them a voice in the court room. Call Tammy Carter Law 24/7/365 at 520-333-7737.