Injured because of a medical device?

Although medical devices have revolutionized health care, when they are defective these devices can have disastrous consequences. If a medical device manufacturer designs and sells a defective medical device, they end up injuring patients they are supposed to help.

Manufacturers do not create devices with the intention of hurting patients. A device becomes defective when it is not properly tested or the research is not conclusive before the product is designed.

It is the FDA’s responsibility to protect the public from any health hazards that may be caused by a defective medical device or implant. New products undergo years of laboratory and clinical testing before they are approved for widespread use. However, these tests are not infallible.

Oftentimes, despite the FDA’s rigorous approval process, dangerous medical products are introduced into the marketplace. Unfortunately, it is only after a significant number of consumers become injured and file legal complaints that a mass recall is issued.

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