Drunk Driving continues to be a serious issue and the latest statistics show the problem is actually getting worse. Alcohol has been a factor in about 30% of all accidents in the last decade and almost 1,000,000 people are arrested every year for this crime. There may be a technology solution on the near horizon that could save more than 9,000 lives per year.

A study recently released by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety examined the potential of a vehicle-based alcohol detection system that discloses the percentage of alcohol in the driver’s blood if it’s higher than a pre-determined limit. The Institutes vice president of research and statistical services Charles Farmer said in a statement “detection technology is something that could put a real dent in the alcohol-impaired driving problem.”

The report said the fastest way to ensure that detection systems are widely available and implemented to combat the drunk driving problem would be through federally mandated regulation.  Some manufacturers like Volvo have already experimented by offering the technology as an option. In addition, its possible manufacturers could proactively accelerate making the technology standard as they did with side airbags and automatic emergency braking on many models.

A survey of U. S. drivers indicates nearly two-thirds support the installation of alcohol-detection systems in all new vehicles as long as they were fast accurate and unobtrusive. Support for automatic drops to less than 50% when the additional cost of the system exceeded $500. The report concluded that even if detection systems were required as standard equipment in all new vehicles starting this year it will still take 12 years before they become common enough to save over 4,500 lives annually. “If vehicle-based interventions are instead voluntary or introduced as options, then progress toward a solution will be much slower” the report added.

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