When I first meet with a new client, I already know that meeting can last between 30 minutes and five hours. While the five-hour meeting is unusual it has happened and I am just fine with that. When I spend five hours with someone, I get to know a lot about them and if there was an injury involved that’s impacting their life, I learn even more.

Car accidents specifically are interesting events. Two people in the same car and in the same accident may have very different experiences. One person may feel great after the accident and may remain that way and the other person in the same car and in the same accident may have issues for years into the future. Your results are yours. I have found there is no value in comparing what happened to you with what happened to someone else.

The impact of injuries goes beyond the injured person. The injured person will typically have a support network of friends and family. The term “support” is critically important at a time of an injury. These people will support the injured person and, in many cases, these were the people who were being supported before the date of the injury. These people may include a spouse, children and possibly even employees in the case of a business owner who is injured. Should the time come when we meet to discuss what happened to you remember to provide as much information as possible. I am here to help!

The foundation of my law firm is integrity, honesty and compassion. I have over 20 years of experience helping Tucson families who are injured because of the careless and reckless acts of others. I help with serious injuries that require serious representation. I am a vigorous advocate for my clients, protect their rights and give them a voice in the court room. Call Tammy Carter Law 24/7/365 at 520-333-7737.