Anyone injured as a result of someone’s negligent actions should consider contacting an Arizona personal injury attorney. The attorney will evaluate your claim and help you make decisions. The attorney may file a claim against the at fault individual if that’s determined to be the likely next step. Filing a legal claim gives you the opportunity to get compensated to cover property damage, lost wages, pain and suffering, medical treatment, and various other damages.

Most personal injury lawsuits are settled by insurance companies. The reality few attorneys want to discuss is what happens if your case doesn’t settle and you are forced to go to trial. Tammy Carter is a litigator so she’s comfortable with the process but you need to know what to expect should this happen. Cases that go to trial move through several phases. Understanding these phases can provide a level of comfort.

Should your case move to trial, jury selection will take place. Juries can be comprised of 12 or fewer individuals. After jury selection the case moves to trial. A successful claim demonstrates the burden of proof and shows the defendant was negligent according to the law. Opening statements are given and the evidence supporting your claim will be presented to the court and the jury. Depending on the facts we may call witnesses to testify to support the evidence presented. Some witnesses can be individuals who personally witnessed an incident occur, doctors, financial experts, and even experts who re-create the scene of the incident. The defense will be given an opportunity to present their evidence. Defense attorneys can call forth witnesses and present documentation to support their argument against the claimant. After both sides present their evidence, each side will be given the opportunity to cross-examine witnesses.

After witnesses are cross-examined, both sides present closing arguments. The defense and plaintiff are both given one final chance to try and persuade the jury to present a favorable outcome for them. The jury deliberates in a separate room and will come to their own conclusion or verdict. Personal injury cases are typically deliberated quickly. On rare occasions deliberations may last several days. When a verdict is reached, the jury informs the judge, and then they present the verdict to both parties.

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