More than a dozen Lyft riders and passengers have retained a lawyer and are suing Lyft as a result to injuries sustained from physical or sexual assault. Injuries to drivers include a physical assault from an intoxicated passenger that led to a crash, a driver who claims he was punched in the head by an unruly passenger who later required surgery and physical therapy and cannot walk of climb stairs. Injuries to passengers include physical and sexual assault as well.

The plaintiffs accuse Lyft of hiring without adequate background checks and says the company should pay for additional screenings and install dashboard cameras in every vehicle. Lyft says that every driver goes through rigorous screening with an annual background check. They went on to say that they are committed to keeping both drivers and riders safe. Lyft and competitor UBER have been the target of multiple lawsuits by women who allege they were assaulted by their drivers in 2018 and 2019. Some of these lawsuits include allegations of kidnapping. UBER has been sued over 500 times.

In October 2021 Lyft said in excess of 4,000 cases of sexual assault had been reported between 2017 & 2019 and more than half involved non-consensual touching of a body part and over 350 involved non-consensual sexual penetration. The company also reported ten fatal physical assaults. The actual number or final resolution of these complaints is impossible to know since Lyft requires both drivers and passengers to file those actions in arbitration. UBER’s latest safety report includes around 20 fatalities from physical assaults along with over 3,800 reports of sexual assault in the same two year time frame.

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