The COVID lockdowns slowed life down a little while adding to America’s surging crime rates. The latest statistics from the Council of Criminal Justice after examining 29 U.S. cities shows that violent crimes and drug offenses have increased. Can knowing self-defense keep you safe in the face of rising crime dangers? The reveal aggravated assaults and robberies increased by 4% and 19%, respectively, while property crimes rose 6%, larceny by 20%, residential burglaries by 6%, and motor vehicle thefts by 15%. These numbers are hardly comforting. Even though homicides decreased slightly by 2% in the first six months of 2022, it is less satisfying when you see that homicides hit historic highs in some cities in 2020 and 2021.

Crime affects everyone regardless of the type of the neighborhood they live in. Crime ignores economic and racial definitions. Anyone can become a crime victim at any time. To avoid becoming a victim it’s necessary to take charge of our own safety and practice basic self-defense. While no guarantee will prevent you from being victimized, it can help lower the possibility of becoming a victim. Safety experts suggest the best way to protect yourself is to not put yourself in a position where you may have to defend yourself. Avoiding dangerous situations and knowing how to defend yourself if you are in a dangerous situation is also a good idea.

Here are a few tips that can help you avoid such a situation:

  • Be vigilant and aware of your surroundings. Never let your guard down, even if you believe you are walking in a safe neighborhood.
  • Trust your instincts. Your instincts will often tell you when a situation is dangerous or is becoming dangerous. Listen to what your faculties are telling you.
  • Act confident. Other people can often tell whether you are the kind that is sharp and focused or scattered and inattentive.
  • Understand how alcohol or drugs can affect you. There is no doubt that alcohol and drugs could impair your judgment and dull your senses.

Self-Defense Tips for Women – Estimates reveal that 91% of rape and sexual assault victims are female. Even knowing these numbers, it still makes sense for everyone to know techniques they can use to stay safe. Here are some tips, especially for women:

  • Use your senses. Do not be an easy target. Be aware of your surroundings. Do not walk with headphones or while talking to someone on the phone.
  • Dress for an easy getaway.  If you plan on walking home alone or expect to be in a situation that can be risky, wear clothes that will allow you to be mobile. For example, keep a pair of running shoes with you and swap out your high heels so you can run away from a potential threat.
  • Choose your route carefully. If you choose to walk on busier streets with better lighting and more people around, choose that one, even if it might be the longer route. Criminals tend to stick to locations where there are fewer people and where they can act under cover of darkness.
  • Prepare your self-defense toolkit. Carry small items in your purse that can help if you get into a risky situation. A whistle can help you make some noise and alert others to your situation. Pepper spray is also a great option. Be sure the canister is accessible, and you know how to use it in an emergency situation.
  • Know how to fight back. If your toolkit fails you, be prepared to fight back. Direct any punches you throw at your attacker’s face. Take a self-defense class, which will teach you to focus on the right targets. Landing just one good punch can give you that valuable window you need to get to safety.

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